The HGN Lab for Bionic Engineering is equipped with there dedicated labs for motion analysis. The first space is dedicated to gait analysis and includes an “in-ground” Bertec instrumented treadmill (with instrumented handrails), Vicon cameras, and overhead support.  The second space is dedicated to ergonomics studies and includes Bertec force plates, Vicon cameras, and overhead support. The third space is dedicated to ambulation and functional mobility and includes an ambulation circuit with ramps, elevated walkways, stairs, force plates, Vicon cameras, and the Safe-gait active weight support system. Additional equipment includes the full-body Xsens Awinda inertial motion system, Delsys 16-channels electromyography system, and Cosmed K5 for indirect calorimetry.  Below are some examples of biomechanics studies performed using this equipment.

Understanding the Role of Powered Knee Prosthesis Assistance in Sit-to-stand Transfers

Knee Exoskeleton Assitance for Individuals with Hemiparesis

Amputee Metabolics with a Lightweight Powered Hip Exoskeleton