Open Leg Bionics


The goal of this project is to make powered prostheses more accessible. To accomplish this goal, we developed a powered knee prosthesis from readily available mechatronic components and using only simple machining tools. We believe that sharing the technical drawings and design instructions of our powered knee prosthesis will help anyone interested in the field to contribute to our long-term goal of making powered prostheses more accessible, to advance the research being done, and to promote STEM education. For this reason, we made our design open-source.          

Video Tutorials

Our OpenLeg was developed starting from a Makita cordless driver-drill. We made several video tutorials to help everyone interested build a replica.  The total cost of the parts necessary to build the prosthesis is less than $500. All videos are available on the Youtube Channel of the Bionic Engineering Lab.

Design Resources

The CAD model of the Utah OpenLeg Bionics is available at this link. A list of all the off-the-shelf components is available here. The code necessary to run the powered prosthesis is on GitHub.

Team Members

Michael Gonzales, Marciano Preciado, Jared Christensen, Matthew Andrus, Austin Duong, Jiayu Yang.